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Psychological therapies offered:

Single session therapy

or initial assessment

Brief time limited therapy

coaching techniques

Exploratory Counselling

Psychodynamic therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Via referral


via referral

Why is gaining an understanding of our difficulties important?

Choosing the correct treatment

Just as it would be important for your GP to try and understand the nature and causes of your stomach pain to be able to provide the right treatment, the more we understand the nature of our psychological difficulties, how our mind works and how these have been shaped by our environment, the more likely we are to find effective ways of addressing them.

In psychological therapy, this process is often called a formulation following an initial assessment period.

Clinical supervision

Fairwinds is able to provide clinical supervision to therapists from a range of modalities spanning from brief therapies, structured CBT and longer-term psychodynamic approaches, supporting therapists to maintain high standards across their clinical work, supporting supervisee’s in developing the competencies needed for their chosen modality, whilst modelling high levels of good practice adhering to an ethical framework.

“Supervision is working in depth on the relationship and goals between practitioner and client in order to work towards desired outcomes and positive effects “



Fairwinds can deliver tailored mental health/ wellbeing training and workshops specifically aimed at supporting your organisations requirements, we can provide the highest quality and up to date mental health training content, delivered using a combination of learning techniques; presentations, discussions, case studies and interactive exercises , please contact us if you have a specific training topic and we will work with your needs.

Professional support and consultancy

Fairwinds is able to provide expert tailored mental health support and consultation to individuals, teams and third sector organisations and providers including charities, voluntary and community groups.

Inspirations to aspirations


A trigger is the connection between the conscious mind and a buried painful memory.


Decisions are made both on the conscious and unconscious level. When the two decisions don’t agree with each other, we experience anxiety.


Don’t give into stigma. A diagnosis does not determine who you are or what you can do. Don’t let your struggle become your identity.

Be mindful

Mindfulness can: help reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, increase resilience and emotional intelligence and improve communication.


Try to experience your emotions as a wave coming and going, notice them, witness them and name them, don’t try to suppress them or push them away.

Testimonials for Fairwinds

mental-health-help cornwallCeri’s an amazing lady. A fire sunk my boat. Afterwards I knew I had to talk about it and what was going on in my head, but in this industry you cant show weakness or you’re thought of as weak. I’ve recommended it to other people; once came out nearly in tears, someone asked me what was wrong so I told them. You have to talk about things, not bottle it up. If not I’d have had a drink, probably become self-destructive.

Thank you. About three years ago l was going through a very tough period in my life, I was suffering from anxiety, PTSD and depression, Ceri was a massive help to my recovery gave me the words I needed to hear and gave me courage to keep going, I am now in a much better place, we need more people like Ceri in this world.

mental health counselling cornwallCeri has been very clear, helpful, friendly and empathic in her approach to explaining the difficulties of my own mindset. She has been setting, and supporting me, in achieving my goals through teaching techniques that have set me on my right chosen path. Thank you, Ceri…

Ceri has provided such positive help, I can’t begin to thank her enough. Having the patience to listen, whilst asking questions that made me think long and hard and were at times difficult to answer, these skills in my opinion have helped my mental wellbeing no end.

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